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  • Rachel Lynn Thopmson

Edward Carlos

Biblical Proportions by Edward Carlos on exhibit through September

15 th , 2021,

Public reception: August 20 th , 2021 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

The firstfruits offering to the community is the Biblical Proportions exhibit by Edward Carlos. Over the last several years Rachel was drawn to visit Ed and his art at his IONA Sanctuary in Sewanee. She and Ed shared mystical and theological concepts and experiences, especially and including Judaic and Kaballistic. Ed is an iconic figure in the area. It is a mutual honor to combine his skillfully and soulfully executed Biblical Proportions Exhibit at Firefly Gallery.

“Ed Carlos is a true visionary. In some respects I equate his willingness to share his work from the mountain with Moses. I hope the community will receive his gift with enthusiasm.”

Rachel Lynn


Owner Franklin House and Firefly Gallery

Jacob by Edward Carlos

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